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Welcome Emails To Keep Your Subscribers Engaged


Welcome Emails To Keep Your Subscribers Engaged

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If you think it’s hard to get new users to subscribe to your email list, it can be even harder to keep them from unsubscribing.

We get so many emails these days, from stores with their latest sales, marketers with their limited-time offers, even our moms, you know, reminders, holiday plans, cat videos. Love you mom.

Engaging subscribers is a full-time commitment and what better way to do that than with a welcome email? These are emails which are triggered after each successful sign-up on your mailing list. Think of them as welcome messages or reminders to your new faithful followers. They get the highest engagement rates from any kind of email, according to Campaign Monitor.

With an average read rate of 34 percent, it’s higher than the 24 percent average read rate across all types of emails. It’s no surprise that, aside from the content you’re going to produce, you also have to invest in writing the best welcome emails to get your subscribers to stay.

But, before you do that, here’s something that can help you easily create your email. Check out my Email Marketing Planner. This template can help you organize and plan your email campaigns, news letters, and subscriptions. Use this free tool to craft, organize, schedule, and measure the performance of each email you sent. If you already have an email service, you can use this to compliment your email automation software. Now, let’s craft those welcome emails.

Here are different, actionable tips you can apply to get effective welcome emails that your users will love.

Start with a greeting. Since you’ve asked for your subscriber’s name when they registered for your email list, use it to your advantage. Welcome emails don’t have to be bombarded with content immediately. A simple greeting will do. Adding personalization will go a long way. Campaign Monitor has described that emails with more personalized subject lines and headers are 26 percent more likely to be opened. Instead of, “Hiya, reader,” go with, “Hi, insert name.” This will make the email responses more personable. So, when setting up sign-up forms, remember to have separate fields for first names and last names, so you can easily set up your email marketing software to change your content. At the same time, you can enable email replies to an email source so people can get in touch with and email you for feedback. Depending on the email marketing provider you’re using, you can look in their settings to find out what that code is you need to put in to create this automated field that will enter the reader’s name.

Set up a call to action. Emails should lead users to take a preferred action. Use your welcome emails to push your users to do something aside from waiting for your next batch of emails. You can start by recommending your best content from different social media platforms. Direct them to watch your YouTube videos, visit your blog for your previous content, or better yet, make a list of all the recommended content that they’ll love, based on the info you gathered from your sign-up sheet. Be creative in pushing for your objective. If you want sell a product or service, start promoting them subtly in your welcome emails. If you want generate more interest in your courses, make a small introduction towards them.

Setting up a call to action can make a difference between active subscriber and someone who just lets the emails you sent pile up in their inbox.

Make them want more. Make your welcome emails very special by giving out freebies. These are excellent for keeping your users happy through free content or discounts on their first initial purchase. At the same time, use this opportunity to tease your new subscribers with what they can get out of the subscription. It’s high-time to flaunt testimonials and praises for your services. Build that credibility so your users will want more of what you have.

It’s also nice to ask your subscribers to add you to their contact list. This trick is called whitelisting. It improves email deliverability and avoids it from being plunged into the depths of spam.

There you have it. Start creating those welcome emails to keep your new subscribers, and don’t forget about my Email Marketing Planner template that you can download for free.

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