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Marley is the co-founder of The YouTube Lead Machine with Steve J Larsen. Their mission is to help entrepreneurs unlock the immense business-building power of YouTube and transform their businesses into daily lead generation engines and money-printing machines!


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Today I want to talk about all the feelings associated with this pandemic and what I’ve been doing to keep myself busy in my downtime.

Hey everybody! This is Marley Jaxx and welcome to the world of video, impact, and profit – or as I like to call it, the VIP Code. 

I hope you’re all staying safe and doing well! Today I just want to have an open and honest talk about how I’ve been feeling over the course of this self isolation period and something I didn’t expect to do, but have been doing a lot of lately… 

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I consider myself to be a really positive and peppy person – my friends, family, team, and audience are always quick to comment on this. I’m just a naturally upbeat person. But this whole self isolation thing has made me feel a whole range of emotions – and maybe you’re feeling that too.

It’s becoming sort of a “new normal” to be in our homes all day and wearing a mask and gloves if you have to go out to get groceries… and it’s weird, to say the least. This whole thing is strange, but of course, by staying inside our homes and avoiding social contact at all costs… we are saving lives.

And even though we know we’re doing everything in our control to stop the spread of this thing, I think it’s normal to feel sad, scared, or just a longing to go outside and see our family and friends.

I’ll admit to you right now that on certain days over the past few weeks, I’ve been kinda down. I just want to give hugs and talk to people and do all the things I normally get to do… It gets lonely and the uncertainty of it all is frightening. 

And this is why I’m so glad we have the internet right now. How amazing is the internet, by the way? I’m so glad we can at least use this time to connect virtually, learn new things, and just be entertained. Obviously my whole business runs online, but recently, I came across something that has since completely changed my quarantine down-time…

I got this email about a piano course that I’ve wanted to take for literally YEARS at this point, but I just haven’t pulled the trigger because… well, because I’m an entrepreneur… and being an entrepreneur means waving goodbye to a lot of your hobbies. 

But one weekend, I got a “CART CLOSING SOON” email from this piano teacher and I just thought, “if not now, when?” What better time than right now to learn a bit of piano? 

And if you follow me on Instagram, you know all about my piano playing because I’ve been keeping you updated pretty regularly. 

And no, learning to play a few chords isn’t exactly writing King Lear or reinventing the wheel in quarantine. But it’s something I’m doing just for me doing something I love.

But what I’m learning through this process of learning piano again is… well, two things. The first thing is that SO MANY SONGS are made up of the same chords. It’s actually kind of crazy and also convenient, because it means if you can play one song, you can probably play a ton of others that are eerily similar to it. 

But the 2nd thing I’ve learned is that it’s so nice to take a mental break from the constant news cycle and do something that’s just for me. I know so many of you guys have kids or other responsibilities going on right now – and I admire you for that – but if you have the chance, I highly recommend even just taking a half hour or an hour out of your day to escape for a second and do something that gets you into that flow state and makes you forget about the craziness of the world. 

And if you’re looking for that kind of connection, if you’re looking to learn something that can translate into massive impact and profit for your business, my next 21-day challenge is starting again soon! Find out more and join the Infinite Impact Army at!

Thank you so much for listening to the VIP Code! Be sure to subscribe to this podcast, share it with your friends and on social media; we have a lot of really exciting VIP content coming your way. Until next time, I’m Marley Jaxx and this has been the VIP Code podcast.