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What To Post On Facebook


What To Post On Facebook

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FREE DOWNLOAD: Ultimate Content Share Worthiness Checklist

We know the importance of being active and engaging on Facebook. But, do you ever sit down in front of your computer and think, hmmm, what do I post today? What do I say? The more interactions we have on our posts, the higher engagement and reach you will receive. Driving your engagement on your post is crucial to your Facebook marketing success.

In this blog post, I have some surefire ways that will help drive your engagement through the roof. Or you can also download my free Content Curation Guide for Facebook. Facebook has an algorithm that favors certain types of posts over others. For example, Facebook Live videos are favored and will show up on your audience’s timeline more than just a text post. Videos and images attached to your Facebook post will also be valued higher and seen more.

But, on top of that, here are some key points to include in your content.

Always include a call-to-action on your themed content. When creating any form of content to post on Facebook, it pays to ask people to engage with your post. For instance, you may ask a question for people to comment or ask people to share your post. Creating content that includes a call-to-action is a winner. To make it more appealing for users to share, try posting content that’s related to a trend or a holiday, something that’s current going on at the time.

Don’t stick to one content type. This is where I love to get creative and I have an entire YouTube video on different types of social media content ideas that you can try out. It pays to try mixing up the type of content you’re creating. Don’t just stick with just images or just video. Think of the numerous content types you can create. Some examples are gifs, Cinemagraphs, Slideshow, Collage, or Carousels. You can also make more mobile-optimized content by creating vertical videos and photos. Always provide interesting content for your users to engage with your post. People respond to emotions so incorporate a human element to connect with people. Be funny, share your story, or tug at their heart strings to allow your audience to connect with your page.

Sound-off video is the new norm. When you create videos on your page, the best course of action is to make it sound-off ready. So, what this means is your videos will be easily viewed without the need for turning the sound on. The sound doesn’t turn on until they click on your video. By default, all videos will run on autoplay after scrolling past them. Place subtitles or captions to your videos so that people can easily understand them and make sure these texts are large enough to be viewed on a small screen. Or, do something interesting that will catch their attention in the first three seconds so they’ll stop while they’re scrolling by and click on your video. If you want to learn more about sound-off and other share-worthy features of your content, you can check out my free guide The Ultimate Content Share Worthiness Checklist to understand the design principles in creating content that drives higher engagement.

Create Instant Articles. If you publish and share articles to your Facebook, it’s time to consider Instant Articles. These load 10 times faster and are easier to link on the Facebook mobile app than the regular mobile website. Business Insider, New York Times, National Geographic, and BuzzFeed are just among some of the popular publications who are currently using this feature. While it may require time to set up and create, people are more likely to click on these links because they load faster and are easier to read and this will improve your post clicks and engagement. You won’t need to use Instant Articles for all of your content, but try using it on the more premium and best pieces.

These are just some of the ways that you can drive higher engagement on Facebook. Do you have suggestions for what to post on Facebook? Share with me your tips and tricks in the comments. And, don’t forget to download my free Ultimate Content Share Worthiness Checklist or my Content Curation Guide for Facebook and Instagram.

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