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Marley is the co-founder of The YouTube Lead Machine with Steve J Larsen. Their mission is to help entrepreneurs unlock the immense business-building power of YouTube and transform their businesses into daily lead generation engines and money-printing machines!


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What Will Help You Most in Achieving Your Entrepreneurship Goals?


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About a year ago, I implemented this system in my business that changed everything. We hit our 90-day targets in three weeks. So I want to share with you today some of my key things that I’ve implemented that will help you reach your entrepreneurship goals much faster and a lot more smoothly because I know what it’s like.

As an entrepreneur, you can often feel like you’re rolling the boulder uphill or you’re just, like, digging through the mud, but today, I want to share with you some of my secrets that I’ve learned over my years of running a business that can help you in yours. And every single week, I’m releasing videos that will help you to grow your business and scale your audience and ROIs, so be sure to subscribe to this channel. And I also have a 21-day Infinite Video Impact Challenge, where over 21 days every single day, I give you a challenge and a lesson and a plan for how you can grow your business.

About a year ago, I came across a podcast that changed my life, and I want to introduce you to a man that completely changed, enhanced, overhauled how I run my business and how I look at myself as an entrepreneur, and that man is Alex Charfen, and he is one of my dearest friends and one of my favorite mentors, and he introduced to me this Cadence that he has created. It’s called Charfen Cadence. There are a few different ways that he has taught entrepreneurs how to run and grow and scale their businesses. One of the things that I implemented right away from Alex was this thing called a waterfall, where you plan out your year, kind of like your reverse engineering your biggest outcomes.

So the way that we do this is we plan for our big objectives that we want to complete in a year. And then we plan for the targets that we want to achieve in 90 days, and the goals we want to hit in the next month. And then the commitments we need to do that week to be able to reach the month, the 90 days, the year targets and objectives. That was incredible for being able to just know the forward planning for my business. Instead of just running day by day by even a daily to-do list, by knowing what do I actually have to do today to accomplish what I need to complete for this week that’s going to move me forward for the month, that’s going to get me to my 90-day targets, that’s going to get me to my objectives for the full year.

Alex talks about this on his podcast, the “Momentum Podcast,” which you should absolutely go download, subscribe to, binge-listen, like, it is the most incredible thing, and finding his podcast and then joining his program completely changed my business. Like I said, when we first implemented this, this Cadence and this waterfall, we hit our 90-day targets in three weeks, which means that we’re able to make even bigger goals and hit them even faster, and now our company has grown exponentially.

The great thing about installing this waterfall and this Cadence in my business, which you can learn more about through Alex’s podcast, or I’ll link one of his free books that you can get below in the description. The great thing about installing this is that it helped me and my team so much to be able to move forward in this direction together, to know the goals, to know the direction we’re going, to know what we need to do every single day instead of just kind of flying by the seat of our pants or just kind of pottering around our to-do lists. And know that I even installed this into my business when it was just me and an assistant. I didn’t even have the team that I have to this day.

Today, I have 15 people on my team and we absolutely, I don’t think I will ever stop, there’s no reason for me to stop using this Cadence, because it works, because it has made my business grow. Honestly, since I started this program, since I started learning from Alex, 500%. So that is something that you should be implementing in your business to know what are my long-term goals, not just what I need to do today, or thinking what are my goals and here are some of the things I need to do to get there.

If you break that down and reverse engineer what the year looks like, what the 90 days looks like, what the month looks like, what this week looks like, and not just for you but for your team, when your team knows, here’s what I can own, like for me, if I have my sales and marketing team, they know what their responsibilities are in that department to get us to the year objective, to the 90-day target, to the 30-day goals. This is also going to help you so much that you can delegate, that you can have lateral pressure among the team instead of pressure from the top.

What I mean by that is that I don’t have to micromanage or delegating away that I’m, like, “Hey, did you do that? Awesome. “Did you do that? Awesome. “Did you do that? Awesome.” The whole team knows what they’re responsible for because we have these objectives clearly laid out, that we know what marketing is in charge of, we know what the video production team is in charge of, we know what graphic design is in charge of, and that they can own those things and really take accountability and take ownership of them and feel proud of moving forward with it instead of, like I said, micromanaging to make sure things got done. That’s something that Alex calls transactional management instead of transformational leadership.

I’m telling you, guys, listen to this podcast, you will not be sorry and you’ll probably start hearing him in your head the way that I do at times, I mean, hearing him in your headphones, but often, when I have a challenge in my business, I’m asking myself, “What would Alex do?” or, “What would do the Cadence suggest in this situation?” I have never had so much support in achieving my entrepreneurship goals, in growing my business, than finding Alex Charfen’s podcast, his content, joining his program, and it’s something that I would really urge you to listen to so that you can grow your impact and your income and make your greatest contribution to the world.

Having mentors, growing a team around you, being part of a community that can encourage and support you through your entrepreneurship journey is honestly the most important thing you need to be able to get towards your entrepreneurship goals. And I would love to help you along the way too. I have a 21-day Infinite Video Impact Challenge, where every single day over the 21 days, I help you create the video strategy that will help you create your impact and your income, scale your audience and ROIs.

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