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Where To Find Free Stock Photos And Footage – Royalty Free For Your Videos


Where To Find Free Stock Photos And Footage – Royalty Free For Your Videos

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Finding the perfect image or video footage for your project can be challenging, hard to find, and even expensive. We don’t always have access to that drone shot over the city, or the busy traffic rushing by, or the image of the happy family we want to use for our video. It can be costly to pay for stock photography or video, and even more risky to steal it without permission. Seriously, don’t do that unless you want a lawsuit on your hands.

Today I’m sharing with you my favorite sites that I use for free stock images and videos. And if you need free music and sound effects, you can click here to see my other recent video where I shared my favorite sites for that.

So here it is, my top three favorite sites for stock images and footage.

Pexels. Pexels is one of my favorite sites to use for free stock images. They’re professional quality, and there’s a ton of variety on there, and completely free.

Stock Footage for Free. If you want professional quality stock footage and videos, the name of the site speaks for itself. You can make use of their different footage that includes a royalty-free license which allows you to use what you’ve downloaded from their website on your content forever. They can be used commercially on your brand channels, and you don’t have to pay anything. You must sign up as a member of the page though which is free by the way to access.

Splashbase. Think of this as the Pinterest of free footage. Splashbase curates and compiles various stock videos and footage from various sites. It acts as a search and discovery platform for multiple other free stock photo sites, and gives more comprehensive options all in one site.

With these free sites, you don’t have to break the bank to get high quality stock photos and video to use in your video projects.

Just remember the necessary requirements for creative licensing, meaning give credit if and where it is due, and you should be fine. So those were my favorite sites for free stock photography and video.

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