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Why You Should Care What People Think


Why You Should Care What People Think


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Visibility is scary. We live in a world where hateful comments and negative opinions are commonplace. Trolls scour the internet looking for victims to break down, judge, and virtually beat up. Some days it’s enough to make you second-guess yourself, and want to quit on the spot. Because the truth is, when we choose to show up as our authentic selves and use our vital voice, we open ourselves up to vulnerability, risking criticism.

You may think successful leaders are above criticism and hurt from their audience. That they’re too big to be bothered with such small-minded individuals. But if that were the case, the world renowned leaders would have to be blind, mindless drones, without feelings or passion, and we know that simply isn’t true.

In fact, the most influential people in the world may even feel pain and judgment more than others and that’s what made them want to become an influencer and make the difference in the first place. They see the pains of others and problems in the world and want to help, alleviate and bring about change.

So, let me ask you this if these powerful leaders didn’t care what anybody thought, why would they spend their life trying to change the thought processes of individuals for the purpose of changing their lives for the better?

At the core of it, each of us, influencer or layman, empire or startup, celebrity or shift worker, we all care and we all want to make an impact. But there’s an incredibly important distinction to make. It’s not that we should care about what people think, it’s more about whose opinion matters.

Consider the following criteria before you allow someone else’s opinion cloud your vision.

  • Is this someone I respect and admire both in their career and life?
  • Is this someone who has my best interest at heart?
  • Is this someone who I want in my circle?
  • Is this someone who is in the same arena also getting their hands dirty and doing the work?

The truth is, the more you are doing the work you’re called to do, the more susceptible you are to outside input.

As a visionary entrepreneur, if you care too much about what other people think you allow others to become your competent mirror, and leave your success in the power of their words. On the other hand, if you disregard completely what other people think, you may be missing out on valuable feedback that can actually help grow your business.

The key is to set your mind on whose opinion matters and ignore the rest. If you don’t, you could make the mistake of letting the wrong people influence your vision and worse yet, limit your life.

One last thought, the final opinion that matters the most, is your own.

You have complete control over how you want to live, and the lifestyle that you want to lead.

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