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Marley is the co-founder of The YouTube Lead Machine with Steve J Larsen. Their mission is to help entrepreneurs unlock the immense business-building power of YouTube and transform their businesses into daily lead generation engines and money-printing machines!


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YouTube Video Ideas for Entrepreneurs (Use YouTube to Grow Your Business)


YouTube Video Ideas for Entrepreneurs (Use YouTube to Grow Your Business)

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How-to. Motivational. Tutorial. Review video. Vlog. How-to videos, motivational videos, tutorials, reviews, all of the above.

There are so many different kinds of YouTube videos that you can create, but which ones are going to give you the best thing for your buck? That you’re able to reach a big audience, make an impact, make a profit. I’m going to share all of those ideas with you in this video, and how to not just make up any kind of video idea off the top of your head but create videos that your audience is actually looking for.

When I first started making YouTube videos, I was making tutorials and how-to videos to answer questions that my audience was frequently asking. I was a social media manager and I would often get questions like, “how do I put text on my images?” Or, “how do I write my captions for my social media posts?” So I made videos to answer those questions so I didn’t have to answer them over and over and over again. And some of those videos really took off and even to this day, years later, are still getting lots of search volume every single week on autopilot, which is building my business whether I’m working that day or not. Sounds awesome, right?

You should do that too. Then from there I also started to make these vlogs or day-in-the-life videos. One thing to note about those, as much as they’re fun to make and also fun to watch, you want to make sure that you’re not just carrying a camera around and it’s like a home video. You have to have a storyline to every single vlog or day-in-the-life video. Similar to how even if you watch a reality TV show there’s a storyline, there’s the story arc, and it keeps you engaged and wanting more and wanting to see how the problems or the high point of drama becomes solved by the end of the episode. So keep that in mind.

And also, to name your videos based on search engine optimization, not just to name it these click-baity titles, especially if you’re a beginning creator or you’re new to your YouTube channel. Ultimately we want to use YouTube as the platform that it is, that it’s a search engine, not just a social media platform. That we want a cold audience who’s googling and searching for content every day to be able to land upon your video and find value and even find humor or some sort of emotion from it that then they want to continue to follow you.

If you’re an expert on a specific topic, people are going to want to come to you to get tutorials or reviews of certain products. There’s tons of makeup vloggers or camera experts on there that are showing “hey here’s this camera that I use and here’s how we use it and here’s my experience with it.” And it’s a very honest review of software or tools or makeup, anything that people might be using and searching for all the time on Google and YouTube.

And if you’re someone that has some great insights then you can use your experiences or your stories to motivate people, make those kinds of inspirational videos. Some really awesome ones that I love to watch are people like The Rock or Will Smith or Tom Bilyeu from “Impact Theory.” Those are great channels to even watch and get inspiration from for how you can create videos just like that.

A really great way of starting your channel and finding inspiration is to look at the people who you look up to and see how you can model, not copy, how they create videos, and take some of those ideas so that you can rework them and implement them with your own voice and your own creative spin on it.

Now I also mentioned how do you create videos based on what we know our audience is actually searching for. I might have ideas that I could come up with and sure some of those videos could do well, but we actually want to position them the way that we know our audience wants to see them. I’ll give you an example. One of the clients that we work with is in the weight loss space, and that’s a very saturated space, so we wanted to make videos that have a high search volume, high enough that it actually is searched, and adjust the title so that it’s one that isn’t so competitive or so saturated. So this client wanted to make a video about how to lose belly fat. Very common topic and probably something that a lot of people, including some of us watching, have searched for. But it’s also so competitive. So instead we did some keyword research and changed the title so that it was more about how to flatten your belly, which also had a high search volume but less competition, and she’s ranking in that spot a lot easier now.

So I’ll give you an example. I’m going to share my screen and show you exactly how I came up with this title for this video about YouTube video ideas for entrepreneurs, because I also want to call out who I’m speaking to. We call this push-pull language. I could make videos about YouTube ideas for beginners, and that’s great, that could even mean you if you’re an entrepreneur and a beginner. But if I just say for beginners, I might be attracting even a young audience. There’s a lot of young people on YouTube and that’s not necessarily who I want to reach. I want to be niched down and specific to the entrepreneurs that I serve.

So what I do is I start by looking in the actual search bar and I’ll start typing in some ideas that I have off the top of my head. So if I want to come up with a video about how to help people like you with YouTube video ideas, I’m going to first start typing in YouTube video ideas. And I have this tool here, this is called Keywords Everywhere, and it shows me the search volume. And also see how when you type in the search, it populates several other ideas underneath it, and this is populated based on what people are actually searching for. So it says “YouTube video ideas for beginners” has 1,300 searches per month. “YouTube video ideas 2019” is not showing a search volume here. “YouTube video ideas without showing face,” 90 searches per month. So see how you can go through here and you can actually make all of these videos if you wanted to.

But I first wanted to start with my target keyword of YouTube video ideas, and then it gave me the idea of “YouTube video ideas for beginners” with 1,300 searches per month. From there I might go, well, do I want to make that video? Or how can I make this more specific? Which is where I came up with for entrepreneurs. And so even though when we search for that it does say zero searches per month, or even if we just looked for video ideas, “video ideas” alone has over 14,000 searches per month, which is a very broad keyword and can reach a ton of people. But remember how I wanted to be more specific so that I still can rank for the keywords video ideas, or YouTube video ideas, or YouTube video ideas for entrepreneurs, and so I’m able to even put a few different keywords in that one title to reach more people.

That’s just one way that you can find keywords and how to come up with the right titles for your videos. I have a whole training where you can learn more in-depth, and it’s “How to Create 60 Days of Social Media and Video Content in Eight Hours.” I show you how to do the keyword research, I show you how to batch film, I show you how to get editors to be able to support you with the whole process so that most of this can be hands-free.

So brainstorm all the ideas that you can come up with, all the topics that you want to speak on, and look and do the keyword research to see what are people actually searching for.

If you are a chef and you want to show some of your best recipes, what are people searching for that you can make a video on? If you are a beauty vlogger, what are people looking for that you can make tutorials or training videos or review videos on? And make those videos based on what your audience is searching for. Some of my favorite tools to help with this, like I mentioned, are Keywords Everywhere and Tubebuddy, which I’ll link below so you can get those and even get a free trial if you use my link. I hope that helps.

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