How To Get Your YouTube Channel Noticed

How To Get Your YouTube Channel Noticed


How to Create 60 Days of Social Media and Video Content in 8 Hours

YouTube SEO Checklist

How do I get my youtube channel noticed? I hear it all the time because a lot of people think if you build it they will come but that’s not necessarily the case when it comes to YouTube now, is it?

Well that’s because a lot of people are using YouTube as a social media platform but it’s actually a search engine, what is it? A search engine, I’m so glad you reminded me. YouTube is a search engine it’s owned by Google which is the largest search engine. So what happens when people have a question that they need answered? Well, a lot of times we’d go to our mom’s, but oftentimes we’ll go to Google or go to YouTube so that we can find links to give us the answer to the problem that we’re trying to solve. That’s exactly how you should use YouTube knowing that people are searching for content all the time.

How do you get your YouTube content noticed in a sea of other content? I’m going to show you exactly how and if you want to skip the guesswork on all of these elements where I can walk you through step by step, I have a 45 minute absolutely free masterclass that you can take and implement immediately called How to create 60 days of social media and video content in only eight hours.

Step one, Content, what kind of content are you going to create? Well, ideally you want to create content that people are actually looking for. So I’m going to show you some of my steps for how to create ideas for content and never run out of ideas. Firstly I look at what are the frequently asked questions that people are asking me. I create a spreadsheet where I keep track of all those questions, turn it into YouTube video ideas. The other thing is I’ll think of what were the questions that I had when I was first starting or when I was learning this topic myself. I’ll kind of brain dump a list of those ideas and walah! There is another list of topic ideas. Then I’ll also ask my audience, what exactly do you want to know? If you could pick my brain what would you ask me? Boom, there’s tons of ideas right there and when in doubt look at what other people in the same space as you are doing. So if you know your competitors or other people who are succeeding in your industry, look up their social media, look up their YouTube channels, look up other things that are on their websites even blog ideas, Facebook live ideas, things that they’re talking about, you can take the exact same topic and make your own produce YouTube video exactly on that. So once you know what kind of content to create, the content that’s going to drive people to notice your YouTube channel.

The next thing you need to know is like I said, YouTube is a search engine, so search engine optimization is so important. A lot of people want to put up these clickbaity titles that really have nothing to do with YouTube and have nothing to do with what people are searching for. So when I first start on YouTube one of my first videos if you scroll all the way down to the beginning of my channel you’ll still see it there, it’s called, “Did you know Instagram does this?” And I thought oh how mysterious, how clickbaity, people will be like what does Instagram do, tell me, tell me the secrets. And what happened was crickets, crickets happened. No one watched that video because do you think people are typing into a search engine, did you know Instagram does this, no they’re not. They’re looking for actually what they want to know, so they’re looking at how do I create hashtags for Instagram, how do I grow my following on Instagram, how do I do Instagram stories, how do I do IGTV? They’re looking for actual things, a lot of how-to content, so when I created that video that was all mysterious and actually had no keywords, no inclination about what this video is about, of course, no one found it because it didn’t use Search Engine Optimization. So first thing when you’re creating a video, you want to think of what’s the title that would drive people to this video? What kind of terms, what kind of keywords can I put in my title, in my description, in my tags that would be exactly what people are searching for on YouTube? And there’s a lot more to Search Engine Optimization so I’ve actually linked a Search Engine Optimization YouTube checklist so that you can make sure every single time you are uploading a video you don’t miss a single step. And once you have your content, you know how to optimize your video.

The next thing you need is A Great Thumbnail. So when you’re looking at all these video options that you can watch on YouTube, there are tons of that and a lot of times we’ll go to watch a channel from we know someone we trust, a YouTube influencer that has a lot of social proof and credibility. But the other thing that we look for is the thumbnail that caught my attention, what little picture looked engaging or entertaining that I might want to click on? So the same thing for you is when people are looking for your content, you want to have that picture that’s like your first impression, that’s going to draw people in. And I have a whole video on how to create an amazing YouTube thumbnail because really there’s a science behind thumbnails.

And to know that a YouTube thumbnail is successful is you want to look at your metrics and your analytics in the YouTube dashboard and see that you have a click-through rate of at least 4%. Meaning that of all of the thumbnails that people saw, people have clicked through on yours. So out of a hundred, you got four clicks on yours and I know that metric might sound low but really there’s a lot of thumbnails and a lot of content for people to choose from. So if you have a metric that is less than 4% go back into your YouTube manager and change out that thumbnail try to design something new and in my other tutorial I will show you exactly how you can design it yourself or outsource it and all of the keys you need to create the science of thumbnails that is going to mean success.

And lastly, every single time you put out a YouTube video, you should treat each video as its own launch. You don’t just post it and walk away and hope that people will find it. Send it out to your people, if you have an audience, if you have an email list, a Facebook page, Instagram anything, repurpose that video into a small little clip, create an image, you can even post the thumbnail that you just made and ask people to go watch it. Tell them what benefits they’re going to get by watching this video, what value you’ve provided, what answers you can solve for them maybe even some humor or fun tidbits that they’ll get along the way and tease them for why they want to watch that full video.

What we do is we’ll take a 30 to 60-second little clip of that video and think of the same way that when you go to the movies and there are these trailers on before the full movie starts and they really hook you in you think, I got to come back to watch that movie. That’s the exact same thing you’re doing when you’re posting a teaser video on all your other social media platforms and telling them, go watch the full video on my YouTube channel. And while you’re there like, comment and subscribe because the other thing that’s going to get your channel noticed, is when YouTube sees that your video has authority and has that social proof that people are enjoying your videos, that you’re keeping people on the platform because YouTube is going to reward channels that keep people watching, that keep people entertained on YouTube, it’s going to boost your rankings higher. So ask them for those likes, comments, and shares and keep driving your traffic right back to watch your YouTube videos.

So those are my best tips for how to get your YouTube channel notice and you can implement all of these, go ahead and get those freebies that I mentioned.

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