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I had absolutely no idea what to do next

Today’s episode is part two of how I quit my job with no plan. I had no idea what I
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Taking the leap into entrepreneurship

Today, I want to share with you the first of two parts… The day I quit my job with no
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Marley Jaxx productivity based self worth

The Trap Of Productivity Based Self Worth

“I dare you to take the rest of the day off” If this challenge hadn’t come from someone I admire
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You can’t deposit subscribers into the bank

You may have seen some select YouTubers vlogging in their mansions or giving away Teslas, but… how the heck are
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Use this strategy to reach cold audience members

You don’t have to be Shakespeare to write a great email. But… It can be discouraging to write one and
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DON’T miss out on the gold mine you’re about to discover…

Ah… Your brand new YouTube Channel… A clean slate to your future content. BUT! Don’t let that prevent you from
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Ya know the feeling when… You’re scrolling through your feed or the channels and you just… CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE?
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Don’t let your videos be a snoozefest…

Believe it or not – your content CAN standout without being click-baity or misleading. I know it sounds crazy but…
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What keeps your audience watching?

The most important part of a YouTube video isn’t the clickable thumbnail or the intriguing title. It isn’t even the
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A chip on my shoulder used to be my driving force…

As an entrepreneur my goal is to make an impact. Especially for other entrepreneurs so they can also make an
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100k a Month…

Not so long ago, I would dream about my business having $100k years and think, “that’s the biggest achievable goal
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The Most Valuable Thing You Can Do As A Leader

There are many different leadership styles you can implement for your business, but more often than not, companies grow best
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The Most Expensive Lessons I’ve Learned In Business

I’ve learned a lot of free lessons in business… But I’ve also learned a lot of lessons that have been
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Marley Jaxx Mistake To Slow Growth

The #1 Mistake That Will Slow Down Your Growth

This is part 2 in a series of my biggest lessons in entrepreneurship. If you missed part 1, click here.
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Marley Jaxx dental hygienist to entrepreneur

How a Dental Hygienist Built a 7-Figure YouTube Agency

I usually have a hard time answering the question when someone asks “what do you do for fun, outside of
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How Often You Should Post On YouTube

How Often You Should Post on YouTube

Here’s a question content creators ask themselves often: How often should you post on your YouTube channel in 2022 for
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